Fishing Buddy

At Fishing Buddy we make it fun for the kids and easy for you. Never been for a fish? Do not own any equipment? No worries as that is what our services are all about.
Fishing Buddy is open on weekends and public holidays all through the year.
Not at all, in fact we are cheaper than going to one of the indoor play centres for 2 children for one hour. And the kids are doing something outside and new.
All you need to do is use any of the following services we offer to contact us. You can email us from our contact page or you can use our online booking system to have us call you to answer any questions you might have or leave us a message on our phone system.
We specialise in kids and exchange students but are quite capable of offering our services to adults as well. We do many families.
Yourselves. We supply all the equipment and do all the dirty work. We supply the experience and we supply cleaning cloths, hand cream, chairs and if selected a range of snacks and we supply the bait. All part of what you pay for!
That is what fishing buddy is all about. We do it all for you. All you need to do is hold the rod and bring it in and even then we can help. We show you everything and help with everything so all you need to do is have fun.
We will release them after getting a photo or we will clean your fish and wrap them for you to take home and cook.
We have enough equipment and gear and the skills to take on 6 children at the same time.
We can do 6 kids and 4 adults at any one timed booking. We can do up to 6 adults at any one timed booking.
As you will only be fishing for an average of a one hour period it really does not matter too much if it is a little windy or cloudy. We will rig the gear to compensate for extra wind and be there to help you catch fish. We will not fish in storms or extremely windy days. We know where to go depending on the tides to give you the best chance of catching a fish.
We do require a days notice for cancellation or rescheduling. We watch the weather and will contact you if we conside it to be an issue. If the weather is looking too bad for the time of booking we can arrange another time or give you a full refund. Less than a days notice will require a refund of less than any baits and food we might have purchased for your fishing buddy booking.