We specialise in meeting people at one of a few locations we use and spending an hour or two with you or your kids or grandparents or friends or exchange students and teaching you fishing or just helping you catch fish that you have never done before and have wondered what it would be like.
Never been for a fish? Do not own any equipment? We supply all the equipment and do all the dirty work.

We use our skills, expertise and knowledge to help you catch fish at the bayside or beaches from Dholes Rocks to Bribie.
We clean them for you to take home or release them if that is preferred.


We are not a boat charter service. We do not do offshore services. We do not meet you and drive you anywhere.

Tristan Cosman-Jones

Hi, I have over 40 years Fishing Experience. I have been fishing since i was 5 years old. I have fished all over Australia in all types of waters. Fly Fishing, Bait Fishing, Lure Fishing and Live Bait Fishing as well as Sports Fishing and Deep Sea. I have fished and caught a huge range of fish available in Australian Waters.
With 2 boys aged 11 and 15 who have been fishing with me since the oldest was 3 i have had much experience teaching kids to use Rods, Bait Hooks and how to Catch and Release fish as well as clean them.
There have been many school holidays and weekends over the years that they have had friends meet us for fishing with the parents all together having a bbq or picnic and at times i have had up to 8 kids (and some parents) wanting help with fishing so i have a lot of experience fishing and teaching and helping. I am also a Blue Card Holder.


Fishing Equipment

We carry a large range of rods and reels for any size fisherperson and we have coloured rods and reels as well.


Fishing Fun

We can do up to six people at any time. We will bait hooks, help with casting rods and take fish off when caught if required.


Fishing Catch

We will clean and package fish you might catch to take home or help you to release them back into the sea to catch again.